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How to order rims

As every hub requires the holes in the rim to be set at a unique angle,
it is vital that you supply the following information when ordering new rims. 
If you require a complete wheel build, it will also be necessary to supply your existing hub.

1. Your bike's make and model

2. The name and type of rim required, e.g. Morad Alloy TC

3. The diameter and width of the rim, e.g. 18" x 1.60" (WM1)

4. The number of spoke holes e.g. 40.

5. Where possible, please state the type of hub, i.e. Full Width, conical, disc brake, QD or cotton reel single-sided.

6. Hub dimensions, e.g. D1, D2 and W1 in diagram A.

7. Hub offset measurement, e.g. O1 see diagram B.

Please note:
The rims supplied are replacement rims and not replicas. Some rims supplied may differ in dimple pattern or drilling to original equipment parts, but will fit the hub specified.

To find the Hub Offset, place a straight edge across one side of the hub e.g. disc side and measure the distance to the edge of the rim.