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Radial Master Cylinders

  • Fully CNC machined.
  • Top stiffness.
  • Black, Blue, Red and Gold lever anodyzing.
  • Wide variety of sizes available, both brake & clutch side: 19, 16 and 13 mm.
  • Folding Levers.
  • Tip end machined for both aesthetical and functional reasons: at top speed the aerodynamic load is strongly reduced. Less discomfort in case of slide or crash thanks to the predetermined breaking point.
  • TÜV homologation for road use. This is a warranty on our production even when used in racing.
  • Wide variety of spare parts and accessories available: mirror clamps, oil tanks, remote adjusters, 90° fittings.

EVO Master Cylinder

  • Conical machining of inner shape for a very progressive brake. Same master cylinders used in World Endurance and Supermoto Championships
  • Proper choice for very demanding customers.