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For the Rally sport, Haan builds special wheels. These wheels are mainly used for long distance races like the Dakar Rally. Also in this races Haan Wheels are used by the best riders and teams like Cyrille Despres and Frans Verhoeven from team Yamaha, team Speedbrain and team GHR Honda from Australia.

Front wheels are made in 21×1.60 inch and 21×1.85 inch. Rear wheels have cush drive hubs to absorb the big impacts on the transmission on high speeds. Rear rim size used is 18-2.50 inch for mounting the wide Rally tires. Rear wheels are build with extra thick spokes.

Haan Wheels are build with our hubs that are 100% made in the Netherlands. These hubs are made from 1 piece billet 6082 T6 alloy on the newest CNC machines. The hubs are made to minimal tolerances and because of many years of testing in the field of motocross, it makes an extremely strong and reliable hub. The hubs are anodized and available in various colors.

The spokes we use to assemble the wheel are made from a special stainless steel mixture. These spokes have a 30% higher tensile strength and way less stretch as the spokes used in original wheels. Due the stainless steel mixture, the spokes keep the nice and shiny look when used in all weather and dirt conditions. Optional are black color spokes, these are the same material spokes but they are threatened with a chemical coating.

To complete the wheels, Takasago RK Excel rims are used, which are made in Japan. These rims are made of 7000 series alloy and are for many years used by almost all top riders. The RK Excel rim keeps being the best, strongest and most used rim available on the market. Also available are Excel’s A60 rims witch are 15% stronger than the normal Excel rim.

Haan Wheels are available in many color combinations for the hubs and rims. You order them, we make them.