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Batwing Shiftlight

Batwing Shiftlight Kit

Batwing Shiftlight 
Head up display tach

  • Keep your eyes on the track ahead instead of at the tacho.
  • Lower your lap times by up shifting with precision on the power curve, not too early, not too late.
  • Plugs into the PQ8 wiring harness with a waterproof connector.Up shift rpm set with 100rpm accuracy with 3 digits on the PQ8 (13300rpm).
  • Shift soon function, steady light for 1000rpm, Batwing then flashes with the frequency of rpm increase to really alert the rider it is time to up shift..
  • Single super high intensity amber brand name LED. LED is so powerful that it has built in cooling plateRPM adjustable 0-20000rpm.
  • Self test when ignition is switched on, LED will come on for 2 sec to let the rider know the unit is ok.CNC made black plastic housing and
  • CNC made aluminum bracket.
  • Extremely light weight; less than 35g

About Cordona Batwing

With other shiftlights on the market you have to buy model specific units and use expensive pills or flip a whole rack of switches to set them up for your engine type. With the Batwing you set the RPM on the PQ8 with 3 digits, 100rpm accuracy. Modern motorcycles accelerate soo fast that their tachometers can not keep up, so if you are currently shifting at the redline you are over reving your engine at every up shift. Our Yamaha R1 2007 tach shows 700rpm too high, so by looking at the tach we up shift too early. The Batwing does not have a lag or a needle to move so it will show actual RPM for precise engine management and over revs can be avoided. The Batwing is absolutely repetitive and will come on at exactly the same RPM it was initially set to. Batwing is powered from the PQ8.

The Cordona Batwing has a brand name (Everlight) high intensity 5mm LED with an expected service life of 50000hr, enough for most racing careers. The light will come ON at the RPM set by the operator, at 1000 RPM beyond light ON the LED will start to FLASH at an RPM controlled frequency to alert the rider it is time to up shift, check movie clip. We set our lights on our race bikes to come ON continuously at 1000 rpm prior to upshift, and then when the light starts to FLASH, 1000rpm. past light ON, we perform the up shift (shift soon function).

If you are a happy owner of a Cordona Precision Quickshifter 8 you have the perfect setup for successful racing by installing a Batwing. The only thing you have to do to up shift is to tap the gear shift lever when the LED switches from ON to FLASH, without backing off the throttle or operating the clutch. Your concentration can be elsewhere, on the course ahead for instance, or on working out a strategy to win the race. In case of crash damage all parts are available as spares from

What's included in the kit?

Batwing LED unit, Molded in 1,5 m cable, waterproof connector.