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Talon wheels feature a hub made from billet high standard aluminium for extra strength. Available in a choice of colours (silver, gold, black, red, blue, titanium, magnesium) ; plus polished metal or carbon option.
If you've wrecked your stock hub or simply fancy a change of hub without the cost of complete wheels, Talon hubs are what you're looking for!

Talon wheels are built with Takasago Excel rims, these reliable rims combine the stylish features and high performance seen in all of our products. Excel rims are known to be the strongest replacement rims on the market, as well as being one of the most popular rims in after market wheel building.
The rims come in different colours : gold, silver, black, red and blue.

Talon wheels are built with unbreakable stainless steel spokes and have stainless steel nipples.

Talon wheels come in a complete package that includes bearings and spacers specifically for your bike.

Talon wheels are available from 12" to 23" from 50cc on for all bikes; from enduro over MX to speedway.